Why Secure Shredding

Business professionals understand that proper document destruction of sensitive company material is required in today’s business environment. The bigger decision has become whether to destroy those documents in-house or hire a shredding contractor.

If your choice is to hire a shredding contractor and prices are competitive, then what makes Secure Shredding, Inc. better than the competition?

Screened Paper Output: 
If you’re presently using a shredding contractor, have you ever asked to see their shred output? You might be surprised at what you’re paying for. Not all mobile shredding machines are created equal. Most “Grinders,” “Slit Shred” and “Pierce & Tear” machines use a single pass shred method that fails to screen the paper output. This leaves large pieces, with some sensitive material still readable. Secure Shredding, Inc. uses a continuous shred method and screens our output for a superior shred size.

We Are Nationally Certified: 
Anyone can start a shredding business, and hire whomever they choose; there are no controls on claims and promises made by that shredding contractor. The National Association for Information Destruction (N.A.I.D.) has set standards for members to become certified to help to ensure that you are getting the best that the industry has to offer. A certified N.A.I.D. member has voluntarily submitted to critical reviews of their company. An independent security professional conducts on-site audits to verify items such as owner and employee background checks, policies, procedures, equipment and insurance, just to name a few. Being N.A.I.D. compliant or just a member is not the same as being certified, so look for the symbol.

Superior Destruction Method: 
Other mobile shredding trucks use various methods to cut or tear your documents. This can leave large even cuts which may allow for data reconstruction of some sensitive material. The word “shred” is not a good term for what we do to your sensitive material. Our state of the art equipment destroys your documents by pounding them apart at the paper fiber level. This advanced method leaves a small jigsaw-sized particle of paper. These small particles are then mixed with other customers’ output on our route before being recycled.

“No Touch” Handling System: 
Some shredding contractors manipulate and handle your sensitive documents once they are inside their truck or back at a central plant. Secure Shredding, Inc. uses a state of the art bin lift and hopper feed system to quickly destroy your confidential documents. This fast and efficient automated system tips materials completely inside our shred box. There’s never any hand feeding or processing of sensitive materials. No one sees or touches your documents from the time of removal until they are safely destroyed moments later.

Mobile “On-Site” Shredding: 
Secure Shredding, Inc. comes to you and safely destroys your sensitive material at your location. This allows you to easily witness the handling and destruction of your documents. There is never any off-site custody issue. This greatly reduces the risk and liability exposure for your business.