Our Services

We’ll beat competitor pricing for the same service!

Secure Shredding, Inc. offers a very competitive and flexible pricing arrangement based on flat fees “by the container” for scheduled collections or weighted results “by the pound” for clean-outs.

Scheduled Collections: Once a collection frequency is agreed upon, a screened and uniformed employee will show up and safely destroy your sensitive material. Price is determined by the size and number of containers at your business.

We offer a free cost analysis of your current shredding program. You owe it to your company to compare vendor options and update your service with the most modern and cost effective methods available.

Clean-outs or as needed: We found that pricing per-pound is the most cost effective for our customers. Other shredding contractors price per box, per tip, or by the hour. All three of these methods are very subjective. What constitutes a full box or container (per tip) and are they working as fast as they could be? By the pound is a fixed standard of measurement. We have a calibrated scale at the truck and you get a hard copy print out of your job weight. We price on a graduated scale, therefore the per pound price goes down as the job size increases.

What We Shred:

A good rule to remember: “If it tears, we can destroy it.”
This list is just a sample of what we can destroy.

Bank Statements
Meeting Minutes
Canceled Checks
Medical Records
Profit & Loss Statements
Patent & Related Data
Customer Lists
Computer Printouts
Inventory Lists
Teller Trash
Market Studies
Sales Figures
Sealed Bids
Balance Sheets
Blank Checks
Test Scores
Audit Reports
Claims & Litigation Records
Credit Reports & Applications
Tax Records
Draft Letters
Financial Statements
Advertising Misprints
Trademark Information
Obsolete Documents
Personnel Records
R&D Reports
Legal Briefs
Payroll Information
Class Rosters